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  • Custom Mold & Design is Celebrating 50 Years of Business Excellence!
  • Paradigme Engineering has joined the New Team Family!
  • Custom Mold & Design featured in HAIMER blog
  • Custom Mold & Design featured in MoldMaking Technology!


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Custom Mold & Design is Proudly Celebrating 50 Years of Business Excellence!

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January 30, 2017

Dear Friends,

Teamvantage and Custom Mold & Design are pleased to announce the addition of a third company to our corporate family.  We have purchased a company called Paradigme Engineering, LLC.  The sale became official on January 03, 2017.

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1/17/17: Five Ways HAIMER Shrink Fit Technology Maximizes Value

When you pay millions of dollars for the CNC machines in your shop, don’t you want to receive maximum payback from your investment? Equipment that sits idle costs money; as does equipment intended to run lights-out, that can’t.

Custom Mold and Design, based in Minneapolis, Minnesota, knew accuracy was ultimately a problem hampering their productivity on eight machines that produce small medical components. Most of the jobs they run require cutting tools with diameters smaller than 2mm, working in hardened materials such as P20, S7, A2 and H13 tool steel.

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November 1, 2017


Shrink-Fit System Helps Moldmaker Boost CNC Accuracy, Productivity and Tool Life - MoldMaking Technology 


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Custom Mold & Design is...

Custom Mold & Design is the industry leader for designing and building high-precision, fast cycling molds, machine components, and fixtures.

Serving a wide range of industries including medical, aerospace, consumer products, and electronics, our experienced craftsmen work with the best machinery, tooling, and software, to provide you a single source for all of your molds, maintenance, fixturing, and machined component needs.

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