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Tool Design & Fabrication

Experience. Quality. Leading Edge Technology.

IMG 1190-CMD-0309Confidence. Peace of mind. Reliability. For 50 years, Custom Mold & Design has earned the trust of the toughest, most demanding customers in the business—mold by mold. We are the people our customers trust with their most difficult and demanding tooling and mold component needs.

Whatever your tooling application requires – at Custom Mold & Design we do it all . . . and we do it better. We combine an experienced design and engineering team with highly advanced technology along with the best-in-class equipment in the industry. At every step you can expect careful consultation, attention to detail and customized services that meet your needs and produce quality results. 

We Provide:

 Mold Types:

    • Thermoplastic and elastomeric injection
    • Silicone
    • Multi-cavity
    • Multi-shot
    • Micro
    • Metal injection (MIM)
    • Ceramic
    • Unscrewing
    • Stack moldsIMG 6808-CMD-0846
    • Insert molding
    • Compression
    • Aluminum die casting

 Conformal Cooling

 Spare Components

 Precision Machining: 

    • Wire/Sinker EDM
    • CNC machining
    • Grinding
    • Hard milling
    • Turning / Swiss machining

 Mold Sampling: 

  • 20 - 715 tons
  • Moldflow

 Mold Qualification: 

  • First article inspection
  • Capability studies

High Quality Molds Produce High Quality Product

Innovation: You will like working with Custom Mold & Design. Our designers are highly experienced with a dedicated interest to our customers’ needs. They understand the demands of today's exacting tooling requirements.

Engineers: Committed to continuous improvement, Custom Mold & Design’s highly skilled staff of engineers and mold makers uses the latest CAD/CAM systems to meet the ever-changing needs of its customers. Our customers rely on us for advice in all phases of their molding requirements. We typically participate in the part design as well as taking full responsibility for the mold design. The product costs are highly influenced by the design of the mold as well as the design of the product being manufactured. Our highly experienced engineers and mold makers are capable of providing the creative input necessary to make the best possible decisions.

Interchangeability: Our attention to detail and our manufacturing discipline create precision components that provide you the benefits of full interchangeability of components. These benefits provide lower maintenance costs, longer mold life, and more consistent product quality.

Technology: Custom Mold & Design will design and manufacture molds that meet or exceed all customer requirements.

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