Designing the Future,
One Mold at a Time

Custom Mold & Design is a Velosity company. We design and build fully interchangeable, fast-cycling, high-precision injection molds which include multi-cavity, two-shot, metal injection, silicone, micro-molds, and ceramic molds.

We begin by providing part design assistance followed by mold design and fabrication services, molding process development and automation, through full installation into your facility. We also specialize in manufacturing liquid silicone molds with specialized cold decks and have 5-axis machining to provide close-tolerance manufacturing solutions.

Custom Mold & Design, in partnership with Velosity’s family of companies, including Teamvantage, MMD Medical, and Paradigme Engineering, provides one-stop, fully integrated turn-key manufacturing solutions.

“The commitment and efforts at Custom Mold & Design are appreciated and reinforce the basis of a long-term business relationship.”

“Thank you so much for your personal support and the support of your entire team at Custom Mold & Design.  Please let everyone know how much the effort is appreciated!”

“The interchangeability of the mold parts was another example of your outstanding efforts. The ability to mix and match parts from a variety of different molds allowed us to recover from several errors by the molding suppliers that would not have been possible without this level of accuracy and precision.”


Your Partner in Innovation

Custom Mold & Design has the expertise and capabilities to take your next project from concept to completion. Learn more about our solutions for medical, aerospace and defense, industrial, communications, and consumer applications.

Design Support & Engineering

Tool Design & Fabrication

Precision Machining

Mold Maintenance & Repair

Tool Sampling

Quality Assurance


An Integrated Team of Experts

Custom Mold & Design is a dynamic and growing company, that values the talented people who contribute to our success. We rely on the efforts of many different types of people to help us achieve our goals and meet our customers’ needs. From mold makers, to engineers, and administrative professionals to machine operators, each member of our team is our most valued asset.

Custom Mold & Design is a company that is truly committed to its employees, offering an appealing, friendly, family-centric environment. We realize the importance of work-life balance and understand that the highest quality work comes from a well-balanced team.


Custom Mold & Design
Takes Responsibility

Environmental sustainability for future generations is a commitment that Custom Mold & Design takes seriously. Environmental and sustainability governance (ESG) best practices like continuous education, and operational best practices not only protect our one Earth, they are essential for keeping the health and safety of our team paramount.

Environmental, Social, and Governance Policy


Committed to Sustainability

Custom Mold & Design is dedicated to consistently driving improvements in the way we operate and do business. In 2023, they completed the EcoVadis sustainability assessment and were awarded the Bronze medal for our environmental and labor practices. This award represents a significant milestone in our environmental, social and governance journey.  As part of this prestigious designation, we were recognized for high standards in these areas:


  • Reducing air pollution
  • Managing materials, chemicals and waste
  • Reducing water and energy consumption
  • Minimizing greenhouse gases
  • Recovering input materials
  • Safely disposing of hazardous materials
  • Reporting on water and energy consumption
  • Reporting on GHG emissions and environmental issues
  • Training employees to handle hazardous substances

Labor & Human Rights

  • Growing diversity, equity and inclusion
  • Reporting on minority groups employment
  • Offering family-friendly programs and bonus plans
  • Providing excellent health care coverage
  • Conducting safety risk assessments
  • Training employees on health and safety best practices
  • Committing to building a diverse and inclusive workforce
  • Creating opportunities for all minority groups
  • Offering leadership opportunities for women